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Collection: White Goose

Introducing White Goose Collections

The story began with Mamma Goose's passion for restoring vintage furniture and her love for creating cherished memories with her three little goslings. From the charming markets of Bruges and Amsterdam to the alluring markets of France, our family discovered quirky vintage pieces that sparked our imagination.

Inspired by her adventures and favorite finds, she decided to embark on a new journey. Thus, White Goose Collections was born. She set out to recreate the nostalgia of vintage advertising boxes and crates, blending our own designs with a modern twist.

We love White Goose because the boxes styles and designs are ever-evolving, offering you a delightful selection to choose from. As they continue to bring their vision to life, you are invited you to join us on this exciting ride alongside White Goose.

Explore these handcrafted treasures and relish in the unique charm they bring to your home.