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Black Harmony Iron Nesting Tables

Black Harmony Iron Nesting Tables

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Introducing our Black Harmony Iron Nesting Side Tables, a striking and functional set that combines versatility with industrial elegance. This set of nesting tables offers a contemporary design that seamlessly blends with various decor styles, while providing convenient surfaces for your everyday needs.

The set consists of two tables of different sizes that can be nested together or used separately, giving you flexibility in arranging your space. When nested, the tables save valuable floor space, and when separated, they provide additional surface area for drinks, snacks, books, or decorative items. The tables’ compact size makes them ideal for smaller spaces, such as apartments, condos, or cozy corners, while still offering practical functionality.

Measurements are 50cm x 33cm x 55.5cm  and 43cm x 30xm x 48cm.

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