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Kids Table – Round Recycled Teak

Kids Table – Round Recycled Teak

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Elevate Your Little One's Space with Sustainable Craftsmanship: The Recycled Teak Kids Table

Introducing the Recycled Teak Kids Table – a premium, eco-conscious addition to your child's world. Crafted from recycled teak, this sturdy table is not just a practical piece but a testament to sustainable living. Whether used as a charming side table or paired with our kids' stools to create a delightful set, it's a statement of responsible design.

Handmade Excellence: Each Recycled Teak Kids Table is a work of art, handcrafted with precision and care. The recycled teak construction ensures both durability and environmental consciousness. Due to the handmade nature of these tables, the wood grains vary slightly between each one, making every piece a unique expression of craftsmanship.

Original Design, Unique Character: The table is not just a functional item; it's a celebration of originality. Crafted from reclaimed wood, the design adds to the unique character of each table. The rich history of the wood is preserved, creating a timeless piece that stands out in any room, reflecting the beauty of sustainability.

Responsibly Sourced, Non-Toxic Materials: The Recycled Teak Kids Table is a reflection of our commitment to responsible sourcing and eco-friendliness. Crafted from reclaimed wood, it is a testament to forest conservation and the reduction of waste. We take pride in using non-toxic materials, ensuring a safe and healthy environment for your child.

Approximately 50cm diameter x 45cm in height.

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