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Blue Lavender Cleansing Bar

Blue Lavender Cleansing Bar

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SoapOman - Sarah the Sloth Champion of Blue Lavender cleansing Bar that helps you to gently relax and slow down

Hi, I'm Sarah and my Lavender Cleansing Bar is my favourite thing in all the world.  Lavender is known to be a relaxing and calming essential oil, so we have infused this cleansing bar with the soothing smell of Lavender Oil.

A nice relaxing bath at the end of a difficult day, along with our relaxing Lavender Cleansing bar can help to slow you down and relax ready for bed.

Made with the finest natural ingredients, to a handcrafted recipe with all-natural oils combined with Lavender Essential Oil, this cleansing bar smells amazing and is a relaxing and calming bar. Gently drift off feeling relaxed and clean after a bath or shower with this Cleansing Bar.

When you do wake up you'll be un-sloth-able!

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