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Eden Chair: Built for the Kiwi Outdoors

Eden Chair: Built for the Kiwi Outdoors

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Unleash the Eden Chair and transform your outdoor space.  This stunning chair seamlessly blends durability, comfort, and convenience, making it the perfect companion for soaking up the sunshine or relaxing under the stars.

Dimensions: L: 72 x W:76 x H: 70 cm

Built to last under the Kiwi sky:

  • UV-protected black finish: Relax knowing your chair will look as good as new season after season, withstanding the harsh New Zealand sun.

Convenience at its finest:

  • Stackable design: Effortlessly store your chairs away when not in use, maximizing your outdoor space.
  • Self-drain feature: Say goodbye to water pooling and uncomfortable cushions! The Eden chair allows rainwater to drain quickly, ensuring you can always enjoy a dry seat.

Comfort you can sink into:

Imagine kicking back with a refreshing drink under the warm sun or curling up with a good book as the day cools down. The Eden chair's comfortable design will quickly become your go-to spot for outdoor relaxation.

Don't wait to elevate your outdoor experience. Order your Eden chair today!

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