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Pucker Up Pups: The Pooch Parcel

Pucker Up Pups: The Pooch Parcel

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Looking for a unique and unforgettable addition to your home décor? Tired of the same old, yawn-inducing mantelpiece ornaments? Then look no further than the Pooch Parcel!

This hilarious figurine captures the undeniable truth: there's no business like dog business! For those who appreciate a touch of irreverence in their décor, the Pooch Parcel is guaranteed to spark conversation (and maybe a few giggles) at your next gathering.

Dimensions: 21x10x19.5cm

Here's why you'll love the Pooch Parcel:

  • It's a guaranteed conversation starter: Let's face it, everyone loves dogs (and everyone poops!). The Pooch Parcel is a lighthearted icebreaker that will have your guests talking.
  • It's undeniably unique: Ditch the generic décor and add some personality to your space. The Pooch Parcel is a conversation piece unlike any other.
  • It's beautifully crafted: Made from resin with a metallic finish, the Pooch Parcel is as stylish as it is humorous.

More than just a funny figurine, the Pooch Parcel is a celebration of the special bond between humans and our canine companions.

To clean simply dust with a soft, dry cloth.

Order yours today and add a touch of laughter to your home!

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