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RetroVerve 3D Wall Art

RetroVerve 3D Wall Art

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Clean and minimalist.
The geometric shapes and bold colours make this a striking composition. It illustrates the mid-century notion of experimenting with colour relationships and how they interact with one another to evoke different emotions or moods.
This unique collection of wall art is an illusionary spectacle. It defies the confines of traditional dimensions. At first glance, it transcends the boundaries of a flat surface because of how it presents as a three-dimensional experience. By employing a masterful use of colours, highlights, lowlights and captivating graphic design, it perplexes the senses while remaining unbelievably flat to the touch.
• Gallery-quality alloy frame with black satin finish
• Printed on wooden surface with a subtle shimmery sheen
• Dust as needed with soft, dry cloth

Dimensions:  80x120 cm

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