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Ryder Dining Chair

Ryder Dining Chair

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Introducing the Ryder Dining Chair – a beacon of sophistication and style that effortlessly commands attention around the dinner table. Immerse yourself in the distinctive construction and beachy sand-dollar shape of this premium dining chair, where form meets function, creating a visual masterpiece that elevates your dining experience.

Crafted with meticulous attention to detail, the Ryder Dining Chair boasts a solid North American ash frame with a rich Walnut finish. The elegance of the frame, with its clean lines and refined angles, adds a touch of contemporary allure to any dining setting. The beachy sand-dollar shape becomes a captivating focal point, turning every meal into an occasion.

Indulge in comfort without compromise as the natural woven rope seat complements the sophisticated construction. This thoughtfully chosen material not only adds a layer of visual interest but also ensures durability, promising years of luxurious dining experiences.

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