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SleepFROG Fitted Sheets - Blue

SleepFROG Fitted Sheets - Blue

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Experience: The pure comfort of nature with our premium organic fitted sheets. Crafted from 100% certified organic cotton, pamper yourself with comfortable, breathable fitted sheets to give you a great nights sleep, whilst wrapped in the gentle embrace of sustainability.

Sleep Naturally: You’ll probably spend about 250,000 hours in bed over your lifetime. Breathe easy and rest peacefully knowing that your fitted sheets are free from harsh chemicals and synthetic materials. Our organic fitted sheets are hypoallergenic, making them perfect for sensitive skin.

Organic Colour: Our popular Wedgewood-like blue colour was selected to compliment a wide range of room furnishings. Your SleepFROG fitted sheet fabric is yarn-dyed, ensuring a higher quality finish and better colour fastness. Of course, all dyes used are GOTS-approved.

After washing, this style of fabric of fabric will have a gently rumpled look that can be embraced in its natural state or ironed if you prefer.

“They look like they need ironing, but I don’t care – I just put them on the bed. They are a great fit and I love how they feel” – Annie  D

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