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Get ready for a sizzling sensation with our Sunglo Smelly Balls! If you're dreaming of enjoying a cocktail while watching the sun gracefully set, then these balls are a must-have addition to your space.

Embrace the Sunset Vibes: Inspired by the breathtaking moments of driving at sundown, our Sunglo Smelly Balls exude a sense of wonder and awe. With shades of Burnt Orange, Tinted Cream, Mustard Yellow, and Rustic Green, these balls perfectly capture the sunset glow and the rustic charm of the Aussie bush.

Aussie Bush & Sunset Glow: Let the golden glow of the setting sun on the horizon fill your space with a warm and inviting ambiance. Our Sunglo Smelly Balls kindle a feeling of gratitude and joy, making it a time for reflection and appreciation of life's beautiful moments.

Unscented Versatility: While our Smelly Balls are renowned for their fragrances, our Sunglo collection offers a unique experience with its unscented charm. Revel in the versatility of these felt balls while immersing yourself in the captivating allure of sundown.

Easy Hanging and Branded Charm: This set includes four unscented felt balls thoughtfully designed with a branded charm and an elastic string for effortless hanging. Add a touch of sunset elegance to your decor effortlessly.

Customize with Fragrance Oil: To complement the sunset vibes, infuse your space with a 5mL Fragrance Oil of your choice. Whether it's a tropical cocktail or a soothing aroma, you have the freedom to curate your perfect sundown ambiance.

Bonus Postcard and Instructions: As a delightful treat, we've included a bonus postcard to spark your imagination and add a touch of charm to your space. Comprehensive instructions ensure an easy and enjoyable experience.

Versatile 'Keep Pouch': Cherish your Sunglo Smelly Balls and keep them safe in our charming 'keep pouch.' This versatile pouch is perfect for storing your little treasures and adding an extra touch of sentiment to your purchase.

Experience the allure of sundown and the magic of the Aussie bush with our Sunglo Smelly Balls. Transport yourself to a moment of tranquility and appreciation, cherishing life's precious memories. Shop now and elevate your space with the enchanting glow of a sunset on the horizon!

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