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Thomas Upholstered Armchair

Thomas Upholstered Armchair

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Experience the perfect union of modern aesthetics and classic charm with the Thomas Armchair, a premium piece that effortlessly blends sleek sophistication with eye-catching allure. This armchair redefines comfort and style with its sleek silhouette, high sheltering back, and chic square arms, making it a versatile addition that seamlessly complements various decor settings.

Sleek Silhouette: The Thomas Armchair boasts a sleek silhouette that captures the essence of modern design. Its clean lines and contemporary form make it a standout piece, adding a touch of sophistication to any room. The high, sheltering back with a slight wing gives it a classic look, while the chic square arms contribute to its overall contemporary appeal.

Graphite Fabric Elegance: Available in Graphite fabric, the Thomas Armchair exudes a sense of understated luxury. The neutral tone allows for easy integration into a variety of color schemes, providing the perfect canvas for your personal style.

Contemporary Touch with Square Arms: The square arms of the Thomas Armchair add a chic and modern touch to its overall design. This combination of classic and contemporary elements makes it a versatile and easy addition to any decor setting, whether it be a modern living room, a traditional study, or a chic reading nook.

Quality Craftsmanship: Crafted with precision and durability in mind, the Thomas Armchair features square wooden legs in a black finish, adding a touch of sophistication to its overall design. The use of kiln-dried wood ensures product longevity, preventing warping, splitting, and cracking, and providing you with a piece that stands the test of time.

Easy Care and Maintenance: Keeping the Thomas Armchair looking impeccable is a breeze. Regularly vacuum the cushions, keep it out of direct sunlight to avoid fading, and in case of spills, simply soak up liquids immediately with a color-fast absorbent cloth and allow it to air dry.

Seat yourself in unparalleled comfort and style with the Thomas Armchair – an embodiment of modern chic and timeless elegance. Elevate your living space with a piece that reflects your discerning taste and commitment to quality. Choose the Thomas Armchair and indulge in the pleasure of owning a premium addition to your home that transcends trends and time.

Dimensions: 82W x 93D x 89H cm

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