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Williams Garden Tools 6-In-1 Multi-Function Sharpener

Williams Garden Tools 6-In-1 Multi-Function Sharpener

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Looking after your garden tools is important.

Ensure nice clean cuts and tools that last with the 6-in-1 Multi-Purpose Sharpening Tool.

It has 4 blades to keep your edges sharp, and you won’t have to go looking for oil and a cloth to wipe your tools clean.

This handy tool stores an oil-soak sponge and a tube of anti-rust oil conveniently in the handle compartment


  • 2 angled blades for sharpening loppers, pruners and knives
  • 2 flat blades for sharpening scissors and shears
  • 1 tube of Anti-rust Oil for maintaining tools
  • 1 oil-soaked sponge for greasing blade
  • Non-slip handle with curved arch to protect fingers

Includes 2 Year Quality Guarantee

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